Yes, we will consider refunds, but only if eligibility is determined under our refund policy guidelines. The WordPress Google News Plugin refund policy was designed to strike a balance between protecting us from bogus purchases that incur charges and expose our files, while still remaining fair to the customer.

A customer is eligible for a refund if there is found to be a non-workable issue, which is only determined after a 10-day, hands-on troubleshooting and debug period. You, the publisher, must work closely with our team in order for us to quickly identify the problem, which may require granting customer support back-end access to the WordPress site-builder platform for your site, sending sitemap files located in your root directory, etc.

Please note: If you do not work with our team or opt out of the 10-day period, then you will not receive a refund under any circumstances. At this point, because WordPress is proprietary, the customer possesses files with easily usable functions belonging to a premium product.

We HIGHLY recommend that only sites included in Google News should even purchase the plugin. Rejections by Google News are not considered eligible for refunds and the reason is simple. We DO NOT claim the WordPress Google News Plugin guarantees inclusion. That is Google’s decision alone and sites can simply use the plugin for free in the event they are approved at a later time, which is often the cast.

That said, if the customer cannot use the product, then we don’t want their money. Each publisher’s news site is different, and in the rare event there is an irreconcilable php or javascript conflict, we will grant a refund.

We want nothing more than to please our customers and offer a working product at a more-than fair market price. Comparable products with fewer capabilities and functions are sold at double the price of the WordPress Premium Google News Plugin, many of which do not even offer a refund. That price includes 1 year of premium customer service and promptly addressing any issues you may have.

If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, please email!


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