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The Editors‘ Picks Top Stories Widget for Clicky Plugin displays your top content based on Clicky stats in the sidebar. It mimics the appearance of the frequently-requested Google News Editors Picks Widget, though we added what we believe are improvements for user experience, performance and style.

The Editors‘ Picks Top Stories for Clicky plugin displays your top articles/posts/pages/cpt based on Clicky stats in your sidebar, mimicking the appearance of the Google News Editors Picks Widget. It also displays if needed and selected a stat bar in the top WordPress menu to admins.

The widget supports all public post types, per default: posts, pages and attachments, as well as custom post types.

Stat Bar

Clicky-Widget-SSThe Editors‘ Picks Top Stories Widget for Clicky also gives users another revenue stream when they “spread the love of Clicky” and earn money at the same time. Enter the url provided by Clicky via “Your affiliate link” (find it here) and get paid up to $20 commission when any of your referred users signs up for a Clicky premium account!

A “Powered By” promotional with the Clicky logo will display on the front end in the widget footer.

As with the Google News platform, there is also the option to promote or advertisements you site’s mobile app(s), if you have versions on Google Play and/or iTunes. Each article also has social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and Email. When a user clicks on them, they will be taken to a pop-up without redirecting them away from your site or page.

The plugin also gives you the ability to customize various styles for the titles and icons, such as color and size.


The example pictured above shows the widget set to output the title with a 14px font-size, while the sharing icons from the most popular social media sites are set to 16px.

No need to worry about adding tons of additional resources. The icons are SVG and only called when needed. Further, the css output is automatically minified!

Stat Bar

Since the Editors‘ Picks Top Stories Widget for Clicky Plugin already pulls the data from the API, we gave users the ability to add a stat bar to the top WordPress admin bar that links to your profile. While given the ability to leave it disabled, it’s a neat little tool for those who miss the option with the rather bulky and server burdensome JetPack Plugin.



It requires an account with Clicky Analytics and uses the Clicky API to determine the popularity of content you choose to aggregate on sidebar. If you’d like a widget based on JetPack statistics or even custom tags, please contact us. We likely would be able to push out production of variations that are currently in the roadmap.

  • For sites running a WP single-site install

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • For 2-5 sites running a WP multi-site install

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • For 6-20 news sites running a WP multi-site install

    Billed once per year until cancelled

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