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The WordPress Google News Plugin was created by publishers for publishers, and is the single-most comprehensive Google News plugin created for the WordPress CMS. This lightweight, easy-to-use software plugin completely optimizes news sites indexed on Google News.

The WordPress Google News Plugin generates a feature-rich XML Google News Sitemap, and not one but two feature-rich custom Google News Editors’ Picks RSS feeds. The homepage and section-based Editors’ Picks feeds are customized with meta descriptions, logo images, etc.

With the Standout Tag Generator PLUS Tag Tracker©, publishers can highlight their organizations’ best works of journalism and get them featured on Google News, without violating Google News guidelines. From a lightweight Custom Meta Box, publishers and copyeditors can take advantage of all available News Tags frequently missed by other plugins.

But that’s only the beginning! Checkout below to optimize and supercharge your site, and start getting more traffic from Google News today! (Note: Payment below can made through PayPal or Stripe if you prefer that method.)

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read our refund policy. We highly recommend that only sites already accepted into Google News purchase this product. The WordPress Google News Plugin only optimizes a site, it does NOT guarantee acceptance. While it will ensure news websites meet the Technical Guidelines and most General Guidelines, it can do nothing about guidelines regarding content. That decision rests solely with Team Google News.

Prices listed below include a one-year license for updates and six months of premium support. The plugin will continue to function after one year, but premium support and updates require a renewal fee, which covers the cost of ensuring users meet all of the ever-changing guidelines set by Google. Particularly with the implementation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), we highly recommend you keep your license up to date.

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