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The WordPress News Plugin was created by publishers, for publishers to be the most comprehensive plugin to optimize your news website or blog.

The core plugin 3.0 version integrates with WP Members, VIP and User Role Editor Plugin.

The WordPress News Plugin generates a feature-rich XML Google News Sitemap, both with news-specific and general schemas. It also implements structured data to help Google understand the content of your new site and enable special Search result features for your pages. Schema and Pending Schemas.

But that’s only the beginning! Checkout below to optimize and supercharge your site, and start getting more traffic from Google News today! (Note: Payment below can made through PayPal or Stripe if you prefer that method.)

Plugin Features

  • XML News Sitemap
    • XSL stylesheet makes a human-readable news-sitemap.
    • News-specific elements, with options for core sitemap elements (i.e. images)
  • Schema Structured Data
    • Supports all Article data-types, including new pending news-specific schemas.
    • Trust Indicators (Editorial Guidelines and News Media Organization Info)
    • ClaimReview data-type for Fact-checker will display “Share the Facts” in Google Search.
    • Video markup, amazing easy to use.
  • WP VIP Integration
    • Fully integrates with WP VIP
  • WP Members
    • Fully integrates with WP Members/Membership
  • User Role Integration
    • Fully integrates with the popular User Role Editor Plugin
  • Custom Roles and Capabilities
    • Creates news-specific user roles and capabilities
    • News Manager and News Editor allows you greater control over content
  • Google News Producer Feed
    • Easily create Editions in Google News Producer via RSS or Atom feeds.
    • Multiple feed content source options
    • Supports for video via <media:content> item elements
  • 1-Year Plugin Updates
  • 1-Year Support

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read our refund policy. We highly recommend that only sites already accepted into Google News purchase this product. The WordPress News Plugin only optimizes a site. It does NOT guarantee acceptance. While it will ensure news websites meet the Technical Guidelines and most General Guidelines, it can do nothing about guidelines regarding content.

IMPORTANT: That decision rests solely with Team Google News.

Prices listed below include a one-year license for updates and six months of premium support. The plugin will continue to function after one year, but premium support and updates require a renewal fee, which covers the cost of ensuring users meet all of the ever-changing guidelines set by Google. Particularly with the implementation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), we highly recommend you keep your license up to date.

  • 1 Site

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Up to 5 Sites

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Up to 20 Sites

    Billed once per year until cancelled

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