Add all the necessary news tags provided by Google and track standout content from the News Tag tab on the WordPress Google News Plugin metabox.

The WordPress Google News Plugin enables you to not only insert the standout tag into the head of your article but track them on the Google News platform. With the built-in Standout Tag Generator PLUS Tag Tracker located in the custom meta box under News Tags, you can easily view and track your news outlet’s outstanding journalism in Google Search style Rich Snippets.

If your news organization breaks a big story, or publishes an extraordinary work of journalism, then Google News says you can indicate this by using the standout tag. The tag, if properly recognized, can significantly increase your article’s placement on the Google News platform. While other solutions provide not-so lightweight plugin functions that are capable of adding the Standout Tag to your articles, they never seem to give you Google’s little caveat. For instance:

Please note, that if we find sites abusing the standout tag, we may, at our discretion, either ignore that site’s tags or remove the site from Google News.

That’s why we created the Standout Tag Generator PLUS Tag Tracker, which will keep you from violating the terms of use standard laid out by Google News. As shown above, every time you tag an article as Standout Content, the Tag Tracker will log that article and display it under the News Tags tab in the custom meta box. We known just how annoying it can be to have to leave an article while you are editing, so we set the link to “target_blank” in the code, which will open another window when clicked.

The links will not bring you to the actual article, but rather that article in the “edit.post” screen. Just one more step to make your life easier as a Google News publisher, and one more reason to buy the WordPress Premium Google News Plugin now!

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