We are now announcing the release of an updated version of the WordPress Google News Plugin, the only news plugin created by publishers, for publishers. The upgrade, which cost the same as version 1 and available to license holders as a simple upgrade, includes a host of improvements.

Editors’ Picks News Feeds Upgrade

While the WordPress Google News Plugin already created not one but two highly customizable Google News Editors’ Picks RSS news feeds, the new version was upgraded to allow for improved branding. In addition to a media uploader for the homepage news feed, you can now add a custom logo for your secondary feed, as well.

For instance, if we use Fox News and CNN for our examples, then the news plugin now has the ability to really make your secondary feed standout and pop. Fox News, as with CNN, has a traditional Fox News Editors’ Picks homepage feed, which is a compilation of various categories. It looks as follows:

wordpress google news plugin
The homepage Editors’ Picks RSS news feed for Fox News.

However, they also have FOX Nation, or FOX News Latino, which could both be branded in their section-based feeds. The FOX News Latino sectioned-based Editors’ Picks news feed looks as follows:

wordpress google news plugin
The section-based Editors’ Picks RSS news feed for Fox News.

Considering what we have seen from other WordPress Google News plugins and options, you are likely displaying the same logo, that is, if you even have several feeds available to you. Even though you know the difference between the content, the readers do not. Offering Google News users specific content greatly improves their experience, which grows your reputation and makes a great contribution to the Google News publishers community.

CNN has determined the same option is an advantage to both users and news outlets. In addition to having their homepage Editors’ Picks news feeds, they also have CNNMoney, which looks as follows:

wordpress google news plugin
The section-based Editors’ Picks RSS news feed for CNN.

Again, this serves as CNN’s section-based Editors’ Picks news feeds. In the WordPress Google News Plugin, CNN would have chosen “Business” as their “Feed Category” and uploaded the custom logo using the media uploader on the “Editors’ Picks RSS Feeds” tab. That’s it!

Tooltip Upgrades


We have also included a host of other improvements, including additional resources and helper functions. The WordPress Google News Plugin  helper functions are fueled by the powerful qTip tooltip, which give publishers information at the click of a mouse, such as Google’s suggested keywords list for the XML news sitemap, a lookup of stock symbols used in Google Finance and also the news sitemap, etc.

Reduced Server Load

The size of a plugin and degree to which server load is affected — particularly in a negative way — should have a great deal to do with the decision you make when choosing a plugin to purchase and install. The vast majority of plugins that create sitemaps — both news sitemaps and traditional sitemaps — do not consider server load during function design. Most plugins are constantly causing processes to run, which drains resources. The WordPress Google News Plugin always reduced server load, but now it does so even more!

What are you waiting for? Our successful weekend sale has been extended due to the release of the update until 10/19/2014, but only for the first 30 licenses!

  • Single Site – $34.99
  • Multi-Site (2-5) – $64.99
  • Multi-Site (6-20) – $124.99


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