The WordPress Google News Plugin was designed by publishers for publishers, and is now available for news sites already included in Google News. What is arguably the most comprehensive plugin ever designed to meet the needs of publishers indexed in Google News, has been upgraded to include even more features recently and is available now for a minimal price.



When our site was first accepted into Google News, we searched for one solution to meet our needs and capitalize on all of the various opportunities and features. We didn’t find one. Instead, we were forced to use several different solutions or options to meet each of our needs. Finally, we decided to invest the time, money, and effort into developing a comprehensive WordPress Google News plugin that met all of our publishing needs.


The WordPress Google News Plugin is a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin that completely optimizes sites indexed on Google News. It includes a feature-rich XML News Sitemap Generator, and creates not one but TWO feature-rich Editors’ Picks RSS feeds with a highly customizable news feed generator, including the ability to add custom meta descriptions. A Standout Tag Generator PLUS Tag Tracker will allow publishers to highlight standout journalism, but the plugin adds all news metatags needed and does so much more!

To learn more about supercharging your news site with the WordPress Google News Plugin, thoroughly browse this website, which is entirely dedicated to introducing the plugin to publishers in need of a comprehensive solution, or view pricing by clicking on the BUY NOW button below. Please send questions to ppd.ventures.llc@gmail.com, rather than posting them in the support forum.

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